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Dental CareDental Care

A dental is a teethscaling and polishing performed under a light sedation and if needed a small amount of gas anaesthesia.

During a consultation teeth will be checked. However if you are concerned about your pets dental hygiene, our nurses are more than happy to perform a free dental check and recommend the required treatments.

Most animals over 5 years (sometimes sooner in toy breeds) will require some form of dental treatment, ranging from prescription medicine to a full dental cleaning. Also younger animals of smaller breeds occasionally need assistance with the extraction of stubborn milk teeth.

During a dental cleaning the excess tartar is removed with an ultrasonic scaler. When we can see the health of the underlying teeth, extractions can be performed if necessary. The teeth are then polished to create a smooth surface and help prevent new plaque and tartar formation. Some animals with an excessive amount of bacteria, tartar and gingivitis may require antibiotics. Care needs to be taken in the future and we can recommend a range of products to help reduce reoccurence, but it is common for many dogs to require yearly treatment.

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