Arriving in Spain with your dog.

Planning to move to Spain for more than 3 months involves preparation for your pets also. We will explain what you need to do for your dog.

To enter Spain your dog will need a microchip; registered to you and you will need this paper of registration, a European passport and a rabies vaccination done not earlier than 3 weeks and not later than 12 months before entering Spain.

Stray Fund

At the Pointer Clinic we try and do what we can to help the stray animal population. We no longer have the space to keep and rehome kittens, but we have our own stray fund to cover the costs of operating on stray cats or dogs in the local area.

Recently we have sterilized all of the local cats that we could trap, and also stray wild dogs in the area. We are always willing to do this, and Nazli and the team give their time for free, but we do appreciate donations to cover the cost of medication and anaesthetics. We have our own collection tin on reception at the clinic, or if you wanted to donate directly to the fund, please follow this link directly to our Paypal account.

We’d like to thank everyone that donates, even the smallest amount of loose change adds up and makes a difference.

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