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Canaries in Spain

With the Spanish culture comes the singing of the canaries from tiny cages in front of the houses. Canaries used to be taken into the mines because they are very sensitive to the oxygen content of the air. When the canary died, the miners knew they had to leave the mine. After the day at work they would be hung in front of the house for fresh air and communication with other birds.


Leishmaniosis is a tropical disease that affects mainly dogs in Spain. The “sand fly” (phlebotombus) sucks blood from a dog infected with leishmania, transforms them into infectious amastigotes and injects them into a healthy dog. Then two things can happen:  1. The dog has a good immune system and destroys the amastigotes or 2. It does not have a functional immune system (for whatever reason) or there are too many and the amastigotes infect the white blood cells, multiply inside the cell, destroy the white blood cell and each of the 4 new ones infect another 4 white blood cells, etc. Meanwhile healthy white blood cells try to destroy the infected white blood cells forming globulines which are too big for the small arteries in the body and they get stuck, causing skin lesions (ie at the tip of the ears, nose, feet), kidney damage, liver damage, intestinal damage etc. Untreated it will lead to death.

Processionary Caterpillars

The pine processionary caterpillar is the best known of all the processionaries, the insect is found in the warmer regions of southern Europe, the Near East, and North Africa.  It is the habit of the caterpillars to move over the ground in long head-to-tail processions and to sting with urticaring hairs, anyone who attempts to molest them that has brought the caterpillars to the attention of the public.

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