Diagnostic Imaging

Radiographs (or Xrays) can be taken of any part of the body to visualize and diagnose what the naked eye cannot see.

Digital developing offers the possibilities to zoom, magnify, rotate, change density or contrast to be able to perceive the smallest details.

Official Xrays have to be done for certain dog breeds of the hips and elbows in order to prevent hip and elbow displasia in the offspring. They can be sent to the spanish or UK officials for evaluation.

Ultrasound allows a three dimentional view of organs to diagnose disease, or even pregnancy.

Endoscopy lets us travel into the body to have a look and to collect material for examination or to remove foreign objects without surgical intervention.

MRI (magnetic resonance) or TAC creates an image in layers of the body whereby all structures are revealed. This for the moment can only be done in the Referral Centre Bahia de Malaga in Alhaurin de la Torre.

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