Leishmaniosis is a tropical disease that affects mainly dogs in Spain. The “sand fly” (phlebotombus) sucks blood from a dog infected with …

Canaries in Spain

Canaries in Spain With the Spanish culture comes the singing of the canaries from tiny cages in front of the houses. Canaries …

City Council Dog Law (2)

City Council Dog Law (2) In continuation from last month’s article about the City Council Law: Article 22: The collection of animals …

City Council Dog Law(1)

As a foreigner in Spain it is not always clear what the exact rules are. Bear in mind that each municipality can …


Even though it seems to be a human disease, it is quite common in dogs and cats.Diabetes Mellitus is a disease where …


Coughing When should you be worried when your pet is coughing?First you have to distinguish coughing from other sounds you pet could …

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