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Allergy to pets!

FOR Dogs ,Cats ECT….

Vetriderm Topical Lotion Pet Allergy Solution

Unique product on the market specially formulated to antagonize surface animal allergens that can cause allergic reactions in some people. Applied to dogs and cats that live with these people, Vetriderm reduces the environmental allergenic load and the corresponding symptoms in people. Vetriderm is easily applied with an impregnated cloth, in the direction of the animal’s hair and then against the grain, once a week.

Vetriderm is a lotion that, applied to the skin and hair of pets , effectively reduces the allergens that cause reactions in allergic people.

In addition, due to its special formulation, it rehydrates the epidermis, preserves the hydrolipidic layer of the skin and restores its physiological pH, keeping it in good condition. Skin in good condition releases fewer allergens.

Topical lotion for pets capable of removing traces of dirt from the surface, including those that can act as allergens such as epithelia, traces of saliva and urine, etc.

Application Method:

Before the first application, it is convenient to thoroughly brush or comb the animal, so that as many loose hairs as possible come off. Then, a cloth is moistened with Vetriderm, a topical lotion, and the animal’s skin is gently rubbed. The application must be carried out following the direction of the hair, and then in the opposite direction, without forgetting the abdominal and genital area. It is convenient that the cloth is moistened, although not excessively.

Normally, one application a week is enough to effectively control the amount of dirt. It is recommended that the first application of the Product not be carried out by people with allergies, since organic remains such as epithelium, saliva remains, and urine remains can trigger allergic reactions. However, subsequent treatments can be carried out by allergic people, in most cases.