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City Council Dog Law (2)

City Council Dog Law (2)

In continuation from last month’s article about the City Council Law:

Article 22: The collection of animals in public places.

  1. An animal is considered abandoned if it has no identification and there is no owner around. If the animal does have identification (microchip) it is considered lost. The owner will be notified and has 5 days to collect and pay for the costs made. If the owner does not collect the animal, it will be considered abandoned but the owner is still held responsible.

The abandoned and lost animals will be picked up by the Servicios Municipales y depositados in the Centro Municipal or licensed animal shelter. The Ayuntamiento will take care of the animals for a minimum of 10 days until they are adopted or in the worst case sacrificed. They have to take all possible measures for adoption. The animals may be adopted after the 10 days and after neutering, dewormed, vaccinated and microchipped if they are not already. The adoptee will pay for the costs. The adoptee must be clear of any infractions to this law. The abandoned animals may not be transferred for experiments. Sacrificing must be done by a veterinarian, and not cause any suffering, and only after the owner knows about it. 6. 7. Are about where to pay, how to register the dog, how to abandon your dog and the costs of dealing with dead animals.

Article 23. Animal agressions.In the case of an animal bite the Sanitary facility must report the incident to the Autoridad Sanitaria of the Communidad Autonoma. The owner will then be obliged to submit the up to date veterinary record of the animal (ie rabies vaccination).

Article 24. Accomodation of animals.

This is about the rules and regulations for shelters.

REMEMBER to microchip your dog, cat or ferret or they might sacrifice them before you find them!